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HWK20 Kit Contents:

1 Mattress Spring Frame MS45/51/63


1 Basic Assembly Hardware Set


4 crib rods

options on neck style

Offset CR701 or Square CR709

   2 foot release stabilizing bars

51¼” overall length SB350

  Teething Rail Set

Qty 2 Clear Teething Rail with Holes


1 Moving Side Small Hardware Pack


  4 bumper springs

1” long BS725

    4 compression springs

½” long CS721     

8 plastic guide bushings


24 threaded inserts

Qty 12 ¼-20 IN68-304

 Qty 12 10-32 IN69-307

32 machine screws

Qty 12 10-32 x ½” Round MS901

Qty 8 10-32 x ½” Hex Washer MS902

Qty 12 ¼-20 x ½” Hex Washer MS965

4 gate shoes


4 rod support angles/lower stops


16 wood screws

Qty 8 #8 x 5/8” Pan WS75

Qty 8 #8 x 7/8” Pan WS78


1 Mattress Spring Support Pack


Brackets or Inserts

Bracket option:

12 wood screws

#8 x  7/8” Pan WS78

4 hex head bolts

¼-20 x 5/8” MS975

4 height adjustment brackets

options on color and style

Brown, White, Plain or Custom Color

Qty 4 HB65

Or Qty 4 HB61

Insert option:

16 threaded inserts

¼-20 IN65

4 hex head bolts

¼-20 x 5/8” MS975

1  hex head wrench WRH45


1 Caster/Socket Pack

4 Casters


4 Sockets



Basic Assembly Hardware Set Contents:



Moving Side Hardware Pack  Contents:

General Information on

Moving Side Hardware

General Information on

Mattress Springs & Attachments





Caster/Socket Pack Contents:

General Information on

Handle Brackets

Crib Hardware Kit Pricing and Ordering Information

Products America is the hardware supplier for August Home Publishing Workbench Magazine and it’s affiliates, Rockler Woodworking, Better Home & Garden’s WOOD Magazine and American Furniture & Design Co. Call 800-205-9642 for hardware to match your plans.

Heirloom Drop Side Crib Hardware Kit
Heirloom Drop Side Crib Hardware Kit

General Information Teething Rails

General Information

Foot Release Systems

Looking for the Heirloom Crib Hardware Kit?
Looking for the Heirloom Crib Hardware Kit?


Mattress Spring Support Pack:

Build It - with Color

  Products America offers US made, time tested, quality metal hardware for your Moving Side Crib Design. Metal Hardware is the hallmark of an heirloom crib, dating back to use during World War II. Metal provides your project with the added security and stability that a solid nursery furniture piece deserves.