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A unique approach to the utility of a moving side, folding side cribs are the best of both worlds.   

What is it?

  A folding side crib is designed to allow access to the child within by folding the upper third of the side rail down using both hands and a double acting hand release system.  The primary hardware components of the folding side release are the trigger lock hand releases, associated striker plates and hinges.

   To release the folding part of the side rail, grasp both hand release mechanisms simultaneously with both hands at either end of the side rail.  Disengage the “trigger” part of the hand release  from the striker plate by pulling the triggers towards each other, away from the corresponding striker plates, and fold the side into the down position.   

Tailor your configuration to your choice .

  A Convertible Crib is designed for transition throughout the stages of your child’s development.  As your child grows, so does this crib design,  in transforming into a toddler bed, a day bed and eventually into a full size bed for adult use. A convertible crib is truly an investment in the future. A craftsman piece to grow with your child, while always maintaining the convertibility possibility back to a crib for the next child.

  Any hardware kit can be customized to provide for conversion .  If you have existing plans you are working from let us know what your specifications are, and we will customize your kit.


Match your plans to our kits for the perfect match.

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Our kit selection is vast and customizable.

Drop Side Moving Side Cribs

A Folding Side crib hardware set consists of the folding side release mechanisms, fasteners, and solid USA made metal mattress spring frame. All of our release systems are double acting and meet or exceed safety expectations. All of our mattress spring frames are built to last, meeting or exceeding the rigorous standards required for baby cribs.


Is customization available in the Folding Side Crib Hardware line? Only through Products America can you decide if your crib will be a sole purpose furniture item, or a transition piece. Color your hardware, color your project.  Pick your design, then Build It.

              Your Project, Your Choice.

American Made Statement of Quality

 Products America offers customization throughout the entire metal hardware line, that includes color choice.  Metal hardware is not limited to being silver,  black or brown.

Match the world around you, or  accent your project with the perfect finishing touch.

Imagine, explore, build it.

Single Folding Side Crib Hardware Kit
Color Options  for Metal Hardware