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  Functionality Options

    At Products America we do not subscribe to a “one-size fits all” mentality.  We believe that customization, utility and craftsmanship combine to meet your personal specifications and expectations.

    If you can imagine it, you can build it - and we can supply hardware you can trust in getting the job done the way you want it.

    Below are a few of the most commonly asked for crib configuration options. Within each category, further customization options are available.

Imagine, explore, build it.

Static Side Cribs Convertibles and Non Convertibles
Drop Side Moving Side Cribs
Folding Side Crib Options
Convertible Transition Crib Hardware
Non Traditional Special Use Crib Hardware

Utility, Convenience , Traditional Values and  Safety combine to allow one or both sides of the crib to move up and down for access to your baby.

See our American Made Statement  of Quality

Modern design, simple lines, easy to construct; the static side crib is a popular no frills option that eliminates any movement of the side rails.

A unique approach to the utility of a moving side, folding side cribs are the best of both worlds.   

Not just a crib, a furniture piece that grows with your child and your family needs. Any of the above functionality options can incorporate the ability to convert to a youth bed, day bed or full size bed.

Just as not every child is the same, not every crib design requires the same configuration. Allow us to partner with you in creating your craftsman project based on the needs of your crib’s occupant.

Drop Side Moving Side Cribs